Have A Mini Party

A party is where you get to enjoy mostly with food, entertainment and fun. Everybody loves to be invited for parties and make it a point to attend the same. The food plays an important role in any event as it is what is much awaited for anytime. We all eat to live. So we like to have scrumptious meals whenever possible. At these kind of functions we can eat to our hearts will and mostly absolutely free of charge.

However hosting a function does cost quite a lot. The amount may vary greatly depending on the number of people attending, food services, entertainment, venue etc. What if you just want to get together with a few family and friends and celebrate? Can you do this on a budget? Yes, it is possible with mini party sets available for very affordable rates. A range of short eats, bites and various other type of goodies can be ordered as per your wish.

It starts from a minimum of 8-10 per pack but can be customized according to the client. Non vegetarian and vegetarian options are both available. You can choose from a wide variety of meat items if you are a meat lover. Choices include beef, chicken, fish, prawns, crab, lamb etc.

All our ingredients have been approved by health and hygiene authorities. We provide Halal catering services in Singapore for all our clients upon request. We abide by strict rules and annually renew the certification. Our policies do not allow any mixing of ingredients. No pork is used for orders under supervision.

You can buy a wide variety of short eats such as sandwiches, burgers, cutlets, patties, rolls, pies, spring rolls, pizzas etc. These can be made from the meat of your choice. We undertake orders but also cater on call depending on the number of items required and availability of ingredients. Do contact us for further information and if you are not clear about the procedure.

Delivery services are available to many parts of the city. Charges might vary according to the area to be delivered and the minimum quantity. We deliver all the orders on time with reliable drivers working for us.

You can enjoy yummy food for an extremely reasonable rate. You need not worry about organizing that side of the party as we take full responsibility for it. As always feedback is much appreciated and would be taken in to serious consideration. Our strength have been our customers throughout the many years of service we have provided by being the leading caterers around.