The Tips To Find The Right Landscaper For Your Company

What are the tips for finding a reliable and professional landscaper? Find out below!

  • Understand the services the company provides – you will find that many commercial cleaning services Singapore also offer landscaping amongst their many services. When it comes to landscaping, however, there are quite a different number of services that can be offered. Accordingly, whether you decide to hire your professional cleaner, or hire a separate landscaper, first pay attention to which type of services you need:
    • Maintenance services – this is basically the equivalent of cleaning: your lawn or garden is taken care of by eliminating weeds, pruning bushes and trees, rake in dead leaves and branches, mowing the lawn, etc. The garden is left as is, simply cleaning up the overgrowth, and removing the dead plant matter and trash lying around.
    • Designing services – designing involves making a significant change to the existing shape and feel of your garden or lawn. You should expect the equivalent of an interior décor design – your garden is assessed and then changed in a way that focal points are enhanced. You can and should expect additions to your lawn or garden in the form of plants and even articles of outdoor furniture.
    • Irrigation and lighting services – these services basically look into the lighting and water use of an outdoor location, and attempt to make these more efficient. You can expect installations and upgrades to improve the lighting of the garden, and maintenance and repair with regards to water use.
  • The question of sustainability and environmental-friendliness – one of the most recent additions to the list of criteria a landscaping service should have is that of sustainability and eco-friendliness. As an outdoor location, your garden or lawn should be able to contribute positively to the environment. To that end, you should find a company that is capable of making necessary changes and upgrades that would allow it to be energy-efficient and cost-effective. Not to add, the company should strive to be environmentally conscious at all times, and refrain from using products that harm the environment (or at least, take steps to minimize their use).
  • Look for qualifications – as applies to any kind of professional service, a landscaper should also be able to provide the relevant qualifications and certificates that testify their abilities. Most services will proudly show their qualifications on the walls of their office and on their websites, but you should still make sure to ask them upfront about these (see whether they immediately answer your queries, or hesitate to do so), and also to double-check with the relevant authorities to confirm they are legitimate.