The Importance Of Upgrading Yourself

A lot of people believe that primary and secondary education is important. Fewer people believe that tertiary education is just as important. This is because in most people’s minds, tertiary education means going to a university or engaging in an undergraduate or diploma programme. The reality is that tertiary education can be either academic or professional or both. Due to poor knowledge of this, many blue collar workers will stop their education after a basic qualifier course in their chosen work field. Here’s why you should always keep upgrading yourself to latest and newest version of you, always:

The World is Ever Changing

The knowledge and technical expertise you gained as a novice in the industry some 10 years ago will not be constant; by your 2nd to 3rd year in the field, the knowledge would have been updated and improved if not made obsolete. If you want to stay current and relevant in your field, you cannot sit on the laurels you earned in your basic qualifiers; you will need to do a multi skills scheme to update yourself. Otherwise employers will hire younger and younger workers who are coming fresh off new schools and colleges with knowledge of all the latest equipment.

Proving Your Adaptability

Employers are always more favourable to employees who can change. No one likes the crusty old guy who has worked the crane lift for the past 20 years and refuses to learn anything else or let anyone else have a go. The truth is – he’s scared. He’s gotten too used to his position ever since he started working after going through a core trade training course and now he cannot change. Prove to your employers that you have the capacity to change and adapt to new circumstances and you will be rewarded for your flexibility. In most cases where companies or bosses change hands, the employees who get to stick around are the ones who have the most flexibility and versatility, because they can do the work of 2-3 others.

Easy Target for Promotions

You may not need a formal qualification to enter the labour market but you’ll soon find out that you need some paper for qualifications. Many experiences workers complain that a younger whipper-snapper was promoted over them while they had more qualifications. The reason is that those younger workers probably kept studying and enhancing their skill set, while the older crew simply kept doing their assigned job. This made for proficiency in that one job, but competency is just as important in a changing work environment.

So don’t sit and atrophy once you get into the work place. Look for ways to make yourself better. Invest in the upgrade.