Shan Regional Cuisine Offerings In Myanmar

Different regions in Myanmar will offer you a unique travel experience. The tropical country has its own share of low hills and beach destinations as well as quaint towns that are inland and have scenic lakes surrounding them. One such region is the Shan province where low lying hills and lakes make for exquisite travel and tour experiences for visitors.

Tasting local flavors

There is no greater way to enjoy the local flavors than to taste the food and drinks. The flavors are unique and tropical with fresh ingredients used in abundance to cook unique meals here. Hence, you will enjoy meat dishes like chicken flavored with basil or mutton with lime along with a salad of seaweed and tomatoes. The sour and sweet as well as spicy flavors of the dishes make them unique culinary experiences for the traveler. Along with the food one can taste locally produced red wines as well. If you are in the Shan province you can buy wine in Yangon made in the Ayuthaya region.

Local scenes to enjoy

Those who come to Shan province in Myanmar can enjoy the scenic hotel accommodations by the Novotel Inle Lake. There the tropical setting is green and lush, surrounded by brown patch works as per the occupied areas around the lake. The dusty road showcases the local lives of people who lead mostly agrarian lives. Hence, buffaloes hauling wooden carts are as popular as couples traveling in scooters or cycles as well as markets or shops by the roadside selling different kinds of popular food items.

Myanmar being a tropical country located in the eastern region of the world, the main cuisine offerings includes a blend of fishes and animal meat products along with a predominance of rice dishes like rice cakes and others. The use of different species is also evident and the infusion of herbs that are locally grown. As Myanmar has been a closed region for a long time, the flavors and dishes you will savor here will have a predominance of local flavors unlike other countries where the effects of global tourism has led to infusion of global cuisine taste and flavors in local dishes and online wine.

Whether you travel to the Shan province of Myanmar or any other place of the erstwhile Burmese country, you can carry back spices and herbs that will bear essence of the flavors of the country. You could also order in Myanmar wines that are locally produced; these are easy to order in through online wine stores as well, which reduces the hassles of carrying back wine bottles when you travel.