5 Tips On Getting Your Eyelashes Lengthened

There are several factors you must consider if you decide to get extensions done you must make sure that the esthetician is accredited as it is a tedious process which might be over two hours long. The benefits of getting them lengthened are numerous. You might realize that your makeup routine is greatly shortened and you might not have to spend so much time in the morning getting ready. Here are some tips on getting your lashes to the full length you desire:

Always rest or sleep on the back

You must try your best to sleep on the back. You must do so as you will realize that the glue will take a while to settle on the lash band else you might end up with several kinks on it too. After a night or so you will be able to resume sleeping in your usual positions. Always make sure that you do your research first on the eyelash extension of your choice.

Take care of them

You must make sure that you spend a lot of time taking care of your lash band by removing any eye makeup like liner, shadow and even mascara too. You must make sure that you do wipe them clean with a cotton pad or puff as your lashes can be weakened drastically. Make sure that the cotton does not get stuck on to the fibers of your lashes too.

Use lube

You might be asked to keep them oily as this is a greater way for you make sure they stay healthy and long. It is much better than having dry lashes too. Try to rub a view drops of baby oil on them using your fingers to massage it through. This will ensure that you have the best eyelash extensions is well maintained for months to come.

Comb it out

You must prevent your lashes from gaining a kink or even getting intertwined in each other in a criss cross motion. You must try to use a wand or a spoolie and slowly comb them through. Always focus on brushing them again and again over the lashes so that they maintain their shape.

Let it be

You must not play with the lashes too much. Eyelashes shed off from the band when they break or become worn out. This is replaced by a new lash. You must avoid trying to pull or twist it as you will end up losing your real lashes too. Let it come out on its own and always use a brush to place everything in place too. Make sure you visit the esthetician who can check up on the growth of the lashes too. If you want to know more about eyebrow embroidery Singapore just visit Beaute Brow for more details.

Remember getting a lash extension isn’t an easy process. You might lose your existing lashes so make sure you are ready for the process and always ask your expert questions on the process too!