Different Types Of Pasta Used In Cooking

Invented by the ancient Italians, this has become one group of food that is now used worldwide in many countries by individuals and the culinary industry as well. It consists of a traditional ingredient, which comes from durum wheat in Italy. This food has been used in so many circumstances even in the ancient times. People carried it on their voyages due to the long life and nutritious value of pasta. Today, there are essentially two groups, which are dried and fresh. Fresh pasta is meant to be eaten as soon as it is prepared although dried ones are more useful when it comes to commercial usage. There are over 400 different types used today.

Long or lengthy

This type of pasta usually comes in long strands and the thickness usually varies with the different types and brands. Spaghetti, which is known as the best pasta is most commonly used in kitchens across the globe. When it comes to sauces like Bolognese and white sauce, this is the most matched type of carbohydrate to use. If there are any vegetables or herbs used in the sauce, chefs recommend cutting them up in the shape of the spaghetti; in long strands also known as julienne cutting. This helps the dish look more professional and appetizing when the vegetables blend in with the rest of the dish. Fettucine and tagliatelle consist of thicker strands in comparison to spaghetti.

Shapes and art

There are certain pastas that are crafted into different shapes such as twists, shells and bow ties. There are specialized kinds, which attract kids such as the alphabet. These shapes go well with different sauces and dressings if they are used in a salad as well. However, it is best to include different textures of vegetables or meat, which go well with the best pasta type. Spinach is one of the many ingredients that are used in the creation of these foods. Kids love rainbow pasta which come in all the colors of the rainbow and while this may not come in a packet, it can very simply be done at home as well.


While there are tubes, twists, strands and shells, there are also sheets, which are mostly used in the making of lasagna. These broad sheets, which are flat, can be used under many layers of sauce and meat, which can be baked in an oven instead of being boiled like the usual types. There is no need to create your own sheets as they come prepared in boxes as dried sheets. Click this link http://www.pastafresca.com/restaurant-menu/pizza/ for more information about best pizza in Singapore.