How To Clean A Mattress?

It is necessary that you opt to clean the bed mattresses at least twice a year. Mattresses are difficult to clean, but there can be a buildup of bed bugs and dirt if a mattress is not cleaned once in a while. It is best that you clean it with a vacuum. It is not a good idea that you use saturated cleaning solutions as it is best that a mattress is not made wet while cleaning. As the mattresses are difficult to dry up completely, it is best that a mattress is not subjected to water and cleaning solutions. The moisture tends to build up inside, the material and mold growth can happen.

How to clean, wet spills

Even though it is best that you clean a mattress by vacuuming it or by dusting it, often spills happen to the mattresses due to a variety of reasons. A baby might urinate on the bed when the liquid soaks into the mattress. Again, one could accidentally spill a drink on the bed. In either case the spills need to be soaked up by the paper as much as possible and then a sponge with soapy water can be used to clean the spot where the spill has occurred. When pest control is done the mattresses need to be tested for bed bugs removal.

Protecting the mattress

In order to prevent spills from staining and wetting the mattress, it is best to opt for a mattress protector at the time of purchase. Nowadays, most mattresses are sold with a cover which makes it easier to protect it. In case of older mattresses one can order in a cover of the size from any online furnishing portal. One should check for bed bugs too from time to time and opt for best pest control.

Removal of odors

Often an old mattress might have an unpleasant odor. In order to remove the same, a little bit of baking soda can be sprinkled on the mattress before it is vacuumed which will help to take away the odors. If possible, the mattress can be laid under the direct sun for a few hours to take away odors or any mustiness that lingers on old mattresses.

Keeping the mattress springy

One should turn the bed mattress from time to time, placing the head portion to the feet side and so forth. This will help the mattress to wear evenly and it will feel springy as well. These are some of the ways one can keep a bed mattress clean and useful, especially after it has survived long periods of cold and damp weather. These steps need to be done when one opts to spring clean at home after a long winter.