The Real Truth Behind The Handicraft Products

Handicraft is a vast industry. The things made by this industry are unique and exclusive because they are made by hand. There is a lot of labor and hard work which is put into making the handicraft products. The market of these goods is also very good, but the artisans who make these products do not get paid enough. They do not even get half the cost of the product at which these products are sold in the market. It is their hard work and labor, which makes these products so good and beautiful. Recommended reading this article to gain ideas about the printing company that offers a range of quality printing and embroidery services.
What makes the handicrafts, special?
Handicraft products are in demand in almost every country of the world. People definitely prefer them over the machine made products. There is a personal touch in handicraft products and thus people have a special relation with them.
Marketing of the products is important, to reach out to the potential buyers
The artisans who make these products are mostly illiterate and thus they are not capable of marketing them to the public. They just simply sell them to the retailers directly. That is why their profit margin is very less. The retailers on the other hand sell them for a very good price which is probably thrice or four times the price they pay to the artisans. Especially the big retailers, who have big showrooms, sell these products at a handsome price. Then poor artisans are really exploited. For instance, silkscreen printing Singapore is a very difficult procedure. The people who make apparel with this technique probably make just 3 or 4 pieces in a day. But, still they are not sufficiently paid. They are only paid much so as they can run their household.
People who earn their livelihood through these artistic creations
It is also a fact that the procedures like silkscreen printing are inherited in some families which are poor. No one else can do this work, but still for some reason they are not paid well. It is a well known fact that something which is exclusive is also invaluable. But, it is not applicable in their case.
The middlemen take advantage of their illiteracy and do not pay them appropriately. This is a very sad situation which needs to be changed. These people should be given their due share of money as well as respect. Many a times the retailers do not even tell their customers that these poor people have made the products he is displaying in his showroom. He happily takes all the credit. This needs to stop somewhere; as a result, the government as well as the NGOs is coming up with the exclusive programs to help these people in increasing their online visibility significantly.